Error discovering device. Could not find device in port.


I have 3 xbee receiver devices connected to Ubuntu. Out of these 3, one of them stops working after every 2-3days. When I open xctu, it shows below error

Could not find device on port /dev/ttyUSB2. Error initializing xbee device parameters. Connection timeout. Could not read device information.

When I type ls /dev or lsusb, I can see all 3 devices connected and all the 3 serial ports when the device on /dev/ttyUSB2 doesnt respond. When I unplug it and plug it back, it starts operating normally. But again after 2-3 days, it stops responding.

Can anyone please suggest what could be the issue.

Can you access this device over-the-air through other XBees while is reporting this issue? If no, then what you are observing might be an underlining issue where module is getting hanged due to some other issue.