Problem discovering Xbee 3 from XCTU

Hello to all,

I have one Xbee 3 Zigbee TH which cannot be discovered by XCTU.
Tried the recovery tool, forced update a proper firmware version, which completes successfully and then discovery keeps failing!

The failure in discovering xbee took place after the following:
I configured the AP setting to MicroPython REPL mode and configured D1 and P1 of I/O to I2C pins. After writing the changes, I tried to open the MicroPython terminal, and the connection failed. Then, I accessed the File Manager of XCTU which prompted me to format the file manager (probably because it was the first time).
With the completion of the format, I re-accessed MicroPython terminal, but it only displayed gibberish stuff instead of what I typed. Finally, I disconnected and powered off Xbee. Reconnecting the Xbee ended in the failure of discovery of the module from the XCTU (and it keeps failing).

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance!

Plug this radio in and a 2nd radio. From the 2nd radio, enable API mode. Then Discover the first radio from the 2nd using Discover remote radios option in XCTU. This will then allow you to use the remote AT commands to adjust the desired settings to resolve the issue.

Are P3 and P4 still set as UART pins? No changes to the baudrate? No flow control pins in use?

When I have the AP=4 (set to python) I have a lot of trouble reading values in XCTU with modem status commands. I had to go in the terminal and do the +++ and wait a couple time to clear it back up, and then XCTU could read them.