Xbee discovery failed if enabled with micopython code run at start up and if configure as sleep mode

My Xbee 3 micro module enabled with SM sleep and when I try to discover through XCTU software it won’t detect
as Xbee is in sleep, So I pressed commissioning button to wake up the module for 30 sec but
device is still in sleep which I can monitor through DIO9 by connecting LED which is in turn off condition always.
In XCTU software it is always showing action require window where it is asking to reset the Xbee module here
also i tried to reset the Xbee module by pressing the switch which I connected to 6th pin but action was not
taking place in XCTU software and it is keep on displaying the same window.

I am facing the problem where module is not at all giving any response even though if I Wanted to go to command mode
by following +++ in response it failed to give Ok
response and normally if i restart the module
it should run micropython code with main.mpy firmware.
In micropython terminal also it is not displaying anything. Please provide us steps that can be follow to overcome with
this problem

I would suggest trying this on an XBee Interface board. It is possible that you may not have all of the needed lines connected.