XCTU cannot Discover Xbee3


I have Xbee3 LTE-M/NB-iot Module. It is attached to my simplertk2b board. I am trying to configure the module with XCTU, but it cannot be discovered.

When I forcefull add it, it is displayed in dark red color and everytime I try to read the configuration (or change it) it resets the module. Comunication through the console does not work. The FTDI Drivers are installed and up to date.

However it is possible to find the module VIA Bluetooth, and reading the configuration is not a problem at all there, so the problem has to do with my computer.

Any ideas on how to fix this ?

The Digi XBee 3 modules have not been designed to work with 3rd party board such as this. As such, Digi can’t say if it is going to work or not. It is very possible that the data lines have not been routed to the proper lines or at the proper baud rate.