I'm having trouble getting XBee PRO 900 modules to be discovered in XCTU

I’m attempting to use XBEE PRO 538 devices in XCTU on the XBee Explorer USB Dongle. All I want is a simple coordinator/end device network so I can communicate between computers. Whenever I open XCTU and click “Add radio”, it can’t discover the XBEE modules, and tells me to reset. Once I press the reset button, it brings up a radio but next to function it says “2 - Not found in XCTU.”

I’ve tried discovering radio modules over all baud rates, and still nothing. I have downloaded the drivers, but still nothing. This is happening with all four devices I purchased, on both Explorers, all straight out of the box, and I’ve been using them at an ESD station to avoid shorting the devices.

I am very new to this whole XBee/XCTU thing, so it very likely I haven’t downloaded or installed something where I should’ve.

If this is in the wrong forum, I apologize; I just joined to ask this question because this is becoming a huge headache. If I’ve left out anything important to answer the question, let me know, because once again I am very new to using these devices and this software.


Something strange happened here. I posted this question in the Misc forum. I posted this question thinking that I was logged in, but I guess I wasn’t.

I started recently too,
Initially i was getting the same error i found out that some how sma connector (i was using xbee 900hp ) was touching the tx rx pins of usb adapter board.

Second time when i got this detection problem i updated the firmware using '‘recovery’ option but for that u shud know the family name of ur xbee. Somehow it detected my xbee then.

As i said i started using xbee like two days ago so not sure