XCTU cant not discover my XBee S1

Hello, I have a problem with my XBee S1 and I need quick help, please.
i have XBee s1 put on Wireless proto shield, and I connect this board with Further esp32 as following:
TX -> TX
RX -> RX
VCC -> 3V

  • the reset and ground of esp32 together.
    when I am trying to discover the XBee by XCTU IT DOESNT SEE it.
    even when Iam trying to recover the firmware is giving me an error message
    "- Looking for active bootloader… [ERROR]
    There is not an active bootloader in the module.
  • Resetting and entering bootloader… [ERROR]
    PutData1: Sent only 0 of 1 bytes
    There is not an active bootloader in the module."

I tried to reset it by connecting the reset with a ground of XBee during the recovery process but still can find it.
what I can do, please.

The XCTU needs to have direct access to the XBee module. Connecting it via a board that has a processor in between will not work.

Thanks for your answering but I don’t have an adapter for XBee.
can I use it with Arduino Uno, usually that in all the videos are working well?
(uno+ wireless shield)

Yes you can try that.