XBee isn't discovered in XCTU? Bootloader not being found?

I am trying to link two XBee Pro S3B modules in XCTU. I had to used units at first I was trying to link. I tried both adding and discovering them with no success. When trying to discover the unit both the 13 and TX LED on my board are blinking so I know it is receiving from the computer. I tried recovering the XBee and after following the steps I am getting the issue that there is not an active bootloader in the module. I bought two new units online thinking that the units might have been defective from previous use however I am getting the same issue with the new units. I’ve been researching for weeks about possible solutions like sleep mode and communicating with it through the terminal window. As I have found online many other people have had this issue but I am new to this and can’t find a simple solution for beginners. Any help would be appreciated because I don’t know where to go from here.

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