problme at XCTU to configure xbee pro S3B

when i want to configure my xbee module i give a error like “Device not found”
so i do something …
for example i go to recovery but i get the error “bootloarder not found”

how can i do??

It sounds like you have a faulty module.

Please follow the instructions here:

Make sure that you are loading the correct firmware according to the product family of your radio.

If these do not work for you, please post the full part number located on the white label on your radio. It should start with XB and end with REV

Hello, im triying to conect and comunicate two xbee s3b modules using XCTU but i have the same problem, i canot discover the module with my pc, when i try with other one i have the same result but sometimes the other pc can discover the device but it canot change the parameters of the module or update the firmware, when i try to change the firmware a recive the same message "there is not an active bootloader in the module "
then i try to do the steps in the guide to recover xbee modules using XCTU but the window stay in “finalizing update module” or sometingh like that and it stays like this indefinitely.

what can i do?

All, First make sure you are using an XBIB-U-DEV board and the FTDI drivers that work with it. Make sure you have the drivers properly optimized.

Make sure you are connecting this board to a USB 3.0 port on the PC or on a powered hub.

If none of this works, then it may be time to replace the modules or interface board.