How to get XBee Pro S3B to work with SparkFun Explorer Dongle?

I recently purchased the SparkFun XBee Explorer Dongle ( to work with an XBee Pro S3B (specifically the XBP9B-DMST-002). As expected from comments on the XBee Pro S3B’s page ( and on the SparkFun forums page (, I was unable to get the dongle to work with Digi’s XCTU software and when asked to reset the radio module, the reset button on the dongle has no effect. When simply trying to add a radio module but must then click cancel on the dialog box, the software returns that the device is not found. When doing this through the XBee recovery, I am informed that “There is not an active bootloader in the module.”

To remedy this situation, I removed the RSSI solder jumper as stated in both the forums and the product description of the XBee Pro S3B ( Unfortunately, this remedy does not seemed to have helped my error at all. I have tried this with two brand new XBees and my new dongle as well as one of my older dongles (though the older one has the RSSI solder jumper intact.

Anyways, I am looking for any solutions that may remedy my problem and I wanted to make sure that the only step necessary to make XBee Pro S3Bs work with the explorer dongle was to remove the RSSI solder jumper connection. Thank you for your time and let me know if you have any questions.

I have seen several post in past with similar issues. My prospective is that these interface board are developed with minimum connection and reports some or other issue every now or then.

One time solution to end such issue (& possible issues in future, hint: firmware update issue) for once and for all is to acquire a XBIB-U interface board.

You have more issues than just the RSSI line. You see the XCTUNG software and the module require you to use the DTR and RTS lines as well. The problem is, Spark fun did not add these lines even though they were listed in the manual as required for firmware upgrades. Your best option is to do what asgm suggested and purchase an XBIB-U-DEV board from Digi.

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Thank you for your information, but this is a new dongle and it has both the DTR and RTS lines. I have been in touch with Digi’s support and they believe that the Dongle and XBees should be working. Therefore, Digi believes that the XBees were DOA. Thank you anyway for your help.