XBP9B-XCST-002 not discovered in XCTU


My XBP9B-XCST-002 arrived today and I cannot get it to be discovered in XCTU. When I try to do the XBee Recovery, I get this message:

- Looking for active bootloader... [ERROR]
        There is not an active bootloader in the module.
- Resetting and entering bootloader... [ERROR]
        There is not an active bootloader in the module.

I use these options when trying to recover:

To interface the module to the computer, I am using this Sparkfun explorer board:

What can I do to get these modules up and running?


The Sparkfun Explorer board you are using is the wrong board for this one. The reason being is that one of the pins on the module is used for a different function than it is on the other XBee products.

I would suggest using the XBIB-CU-Th board instead.

Bummer, wish I did a little more research. I see the number of pins are the same, but I assume they are in a different order? Is it possible to manually “map” the pins from the module to the explorer board with some jumper wires? I know that isn’t optimal, but I just need to configure the module once.

Yes it is the mapping of the pins. Pin 6 on the XSC , it is used as CONFIG. https://www.digi.com/resources/documentation/digidocs/90002173/#reference/r_pinouts_xsc.htm?TocPath=XSC%2520firmware%257C_____2

You would need to cut this line free on that board.

I assume this needs to be cut free on the Sparkfun board, correct?

That would be correct. You would need to modify the Sparkfun board so that Pin 6 is left floating.

I will try that when I am home and report, thanks!

Cutting the number 6 pin on the Sparkfun board worked! I am now able to see and use these modules through XCTU! Thanks for the help!