XCTU program isn't able to find the device

Hi, I just bought a sparkfun thing plus xbee board and I was following the hookup guide to get started with the board, but the XCTU program isn’t able to find the device. I checked that I have the correct drivers installed and used the recovery tool from XCTU but nothing worked. I also checked if there was any problem with the USB to UART bridge but it seems to work fine, however the DOUT pin of the xbee module is always LOW, with a voltage of about 1.4 V, so I assume that’s the problem the RF module doesn’t respond to the USB to UART bridge and XCTU is unable to find my device. I don’t know if the module is broken or if I can do something else to fix this.

This is something I would suggest reaching out to SparkFun about. There may be some sort of changes to the board they may have not posted to allow XCTU to talk to the XBee via the Board.