X-CTU cannot find by xbee

I just bought XBP24-API-001 model with USB adaptor.

when I try to find my device on X-CTU, it always says
“Action Required” and Device not found. I did reset many times however it doens’t work.

( Regardless of Xbee connected with my PC or not it always says “Action required” please reset bla bla … so it might not be a reset problem)

Is there any way that I make my X-CTU find my Xbee?

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How many XBee modules are you having this issue with?

What are you connecting them to in order to connect the XBee to the PC?

thank you for answering !
actually all of my XBEE are having this issue

I’m using ‘Funduino Xbee USB Adapter’ to connet XBEE with my pc.
should I FTDI driver to install to connect pc with XBEE via X-CTU?

That is not something I can answer. That is something you need to take up with Funduino about.

sure! that was the only problem
It works fine after the software is installed.
thanks anyway

Hi which software (or drivers) specifically did you install to make them work. I have the same issue.

Who’s board do you have your XBee modules mounted on? Have you checked with that manufactures web site for the driver?