XBEE09P - No response with X-CTU

Hi, all.

I have 2 XBEE09P modules, an FTDI 5V cable assembly, and the Sparkfun 3v3 regulated adaptor.

Problem is that the only response I can get using X-CTU is when I ‘Test / Query’ the modem - it responds that 'comms with modem OK, modem type = name unknown, then a long ID number (same for both XBEEs, and then 'modem firmware version = ’ and the rest is blank …

I can’t get any other response from any other feature of X-CTU.

Is it possible that I have just bought two ‘dead-in-the-box’ modules ? or is there something simple I am getting wrong ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Seems strange answering my own posts … but I found the problem - the Sparkfun adaptor board is crappy design … uses resistor dividers for level-shifting, and pinouts not compatible with FTDI cable.

SOLUTION - bought an adaptor board from Adafruit Industries - now XBEEs working spot-on.


can any buddy solve my problem i have xbee09p and it not responding with xctu software

its says

reading parameter = 0k

but check the baud rate of pc and modem

and also ask for update and end that update not found …

i bought tha module from spark fun

xbee pro 900 ufl