XBee 3 not being recognized by XCTU with SparkFun XBee Explorer Regulated and Arduino

Hello, I am trying to make the XBee device work with an Arduino and the SparkFun XBee Explorer Regulated module. I have the XBee 3 PCB Antenna on the SparkFun module and connected the 4 pins to the Arduino like so:

5V - 5V

I installed the XCTU software and tried discovering the device but with no luck, I tried adjusting the discovery settings. I checked all checkboxes except the ones under Parity (only None was selected). It didn’t recognize the device. I tried switching up the RX to RX and TX to TX but, it didn’t recognize it neither.

XCTU will not discover an XBee via an Arduino. You would have to load an application that just past all of the data from the UART to the XBee and back.

Alright, could you link me or explain me how to do this?

I tried some library called SoftwareSerial and it recognized it.