XB24-Z7WIT-100 Unable to read

I have a XBee S2 board, part XB24-Z7WIT-100 Rev B

I am trying to connect to this board using a Sparkfun XBee Explorer. However, X-CTU seems to not be able to find it. I’ve run through all of the settings in XCTU’s discovery section, and there is still no activity.

If I try to access it through a terminal, all I get is a “.”. I’ve tried to access the bootloader, but it appears it is not there.

For the record, these XBee boards are harvested from old Schneider Electric ZigBee communicating thermostats.

I’ve tried to do a recovery as a XB24-ZB board, but XCTU says it can’t find the board.

First off, you need to load the proper drivers for your adapter board. Next, most of the adapter boards do not have all of the lines needed to write firmware to the XBee. You need to use a Full blown development board such as an XBIB board to do that with.