Xbee S3B compatible devices to setup with XCTU and Arduino

Im trying to set up the Xbee pro S3B with XCTU using sparkfun usb explorer and a Sansmart xbee shield for the arduino.
However, comes to find out as tried to set them up the xbee can not be found in xctu. So trying to figure out my dilemma I search google and I literally cant find any information regarding s3b and its like people don’t use them or nothing is compatible with it.

It leads me to believe neither of the devices just mentioned are compatible with xbee pro s3B.
I know of the Xbib-dev but i don’t know right one and they are really expensive.

What devices to use that are compatible Xbee pro S3B or do i have to design PCB board just to use S3b model
Any expertise on this issue would be greatly appreciated because apparently im only one with this issue if i cant find anything on the internet.