Compatibility between XBEE-PRO-S3B (XBP9B-XCST-022 revR 100B9596) and XBee THT Grove Development Board

I‘m trying to connect the XBP9B-XCST-022 Xbee module via the grove development board to my computer to configure the module with the XCTU software. The problem is, that I’m getting a lot of junk-data displayed as parameter settings when I load the settings into XCTU.
Might I’m using the wrong/incompatible board? If this is so, would you recommend me a basic board for testing the device. I already adapted the COM-port setting as shown in .

Im using windows 10 and the latest version of XCTU.

Thank you very much in advance for helping me.

The XSC is only designed to work with the XBIB-U and XBIB-R interface boards. All other boards including the Grove boards hold Pin 6 low which cause it to go into pitch mode.