XBee Pro S2C not working on Grove test boards.

Just getting started here…

I have a Grove test board that works with XCTU 6.5.4. and XBee Pro S39 boards. If XCTU does not connect properly (ACTION REQUIRED screen pops up)I use the reset button on the Grove board and the radios then come up. Tested with multiple radios.

I just received several 2.4GHz S2C boards and they do not come up in XCTU on the same Grove boards. I get the ACTION REQUIRED screen and when I press the reset nothing happens. I tried the discovery on both the defaults and the all bauds and all Flow Controls selected and I still do not detect the boards.

Are the S2Cs incompatible with the Grove boards?

Thanks for any help

What is the full part number of the XBee S2C modules that are having issues?

Part number is XBP24CZ7WITB003

This is a Programmable radio. You need to load on an application on the FreeScale processor before you can talk to the RF processor.