Trying to use xctu to update firmware for S2C, didn't work

I tried to update firmware on an XBP24CZ7UIT-004 revF and an XB24CZ7UIT 8003 RevH, to Zigbee TH Req ver 4060 using XCTU and a SparkFun XBee Explorer, but it didn’t work. I can still connect to both XBee units using the Serial Console, but after entering +++ I get the following menu:

B-Bypass Mode
F-Update App
V-BL Version
A-App Version

AT mode cannot be reached. Evidently, I did something incorrect when trying to update the firmware. I’ve tried to use XBee Recovery without success. How do I put the Zigbee TH Req ver 4060 firmware onto the S2C modules?

You need to look at the part number closer. That is not an 8003 but a B003 which mean that this is a Programmable module. You need to write and load code on a secondary processor first before you can talk to the RF processor.

Apparently, the Sparkfun Xbee Dongle is not compatible with XCTU. After purchasing an Xbee Grove Dev Board everything worked as expected.