S2C not detected by XCTU, but XBee 3 is.

I have a custom board that accepts the XBee S2C or XBee 3 module of the same form factor. It’s got an FDTI chip on it for USB to serial communication with the module. XCTU discovers the XBee 3 module, but does not discover the S2C modules. I verified that the serial input is getting to DIN, but I get no response from the S2C module. This is consistent with numerous boards.

Any ideas as to why the XBee 3 module is discovered and the XBee S2C is not?

  • Joe


IS the S2C a Programmable module?

Digi Support

Aren’t they all? I tried using recovery mode and the result I got was “There is not an active bootloader in the module.”

The S2C modules I am using are XB24CAUIS-001 Rev B and Rev D.
The XB3 is XB3-24Z8US-J Rev G

These are both the same form factor and are supposed to be pin compatible. Again, my boards with the XB3 modules are discovered, but the ones with the S2C modules are not.

The S2C modules are receiving the serial data, but they do not respond.

  • Joe


No, they are not all Programmable versions. The majority are not. The Programmable versions have a 2nd processor on them that allows you to create and upload your own application to.

What you list is not a programmable version.
No active bootloader means that the Bootloader application has been damaged . You can try to use the XBee recovery but if that does not work, they will need to be replaced.

Digi support

Oh, I thought what you meant by “programmable” was that you could reprogram the firmware.

I find it hard to believe that the bootloader is damaged on all 40 of the new S2C modules we purchased from Digikey.

There must be something else going on.

No I don’t think so. Do you have an interface board to work from? If so, try that and see if it works or not.

Are you positive on the baudrate your s2c devices use? I think 9600 is the default for brand new devices.