S2C does not start in transparent mode. Looks like a bootloader.

I have two XBee S2C modules and I’m working through an online course. When I power up or reset these modules, XCTU can’t find them. Using a terminal program, I found that I could talk to them, and they are in some kind of monitor or shell. I discovered by experimenting, some behaviors:
a - prints “Unknown”
v - prints the version (which says BL032-2@0-033_064 by the way)
t - prints a sequentially incrementing digit each time t is pressed (0 through 7)
f - prints CCC… which looks like an xmodem prompt
b - Puts the module into transparent mode (or presumably whatever it was configured as)

So I can manually use the serial app (even the one in XCTU) to talk to the board, press ‘b’ and then exit, after which I can get XCTU to find it and use it normally. If something resets it (like some Write operations) it gets stuck again and I have to do this over.

No one else out there seems to have this issue (so here I am asking).
XCTU version is Version: 6.5.11 Build ID: 20220907-1
Firmware in module is “ZIGBEE TH Reg” and 4061
The USB adapter board is a Sparkfun WRL 11812 This has a USB Mini (not micro–so that’s why they were in stock) and I’m wondering if some pin could be set in an unexpected direction.

My question, of course, is, how can I make these modules behave like everyone else’s?
Or, what do we know about boot options (pin strapping) for the S2C?

These sound like they are Programmable module and not standard module. What is the full part number from the module? It should be something like XB24CZ7SIT-004

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The part number is XB24CZ7WI TB003
Shouldn’t XCTU be smart enough to connect to these?
Is there a real datasheet that e.g., explains the function of each pin? And a guide to the “programmable” features?