How to connect a Xbee PRO S2 to a XBee S2C in transparent mode

I have two Xbee PRO S2’s that I’ve been using in transparent mode. As they came by default. They connected seamlessly and transferred serial data between each other full duplex. Life was great. I just bricked one somehow. Damn. Can’t seem to recover it. I thought, I’ll just buy another one. Mistakenly bought a XBee S2C. Doh!!. I think that was a mistake. I thought I’ll try and get them to talk to each other anyway. In XCTU the “Function” field in the description for the original PRO S2 says “Znet 2.5 Coordinator 2.5”. The newer S2C says “ZIGBEE TH Reg”. (Whatever that means)
My question is “Can the two different modules be configured to connect to each other automatically and transparently” just like the two Xbee PRO S2 always did?
If yes, what do I need to configure in XCTU?

The answer is yes.

I found the answer and instructions here-