XBee S2 & XBee S2C -- How to network?

I’ve two different zigbee modules
XBee S2
XBee S2C

I’ve been poking around in XCTU and i cant find ~anything for the S2C.
For the S2 i see the different operating modes ( Coordinator, Router etc), but nothing useful is listed for the S2C.

I’d love to get these two hooked up somehow. Even for just one-direction (S2->S2C) traffic would be enough, since i’m planning to use the link for logging only.

S2C lists:
XB24C -> Zigbee -> 401E-4043 version
they dont help me one bit.

S2 lists:
XB24-B -> Zigbee Coordinator API/AT & Zigbee Router/End Device API/AT

  • so just exactly what im looking for.

Im using XCTU -next gen.
Tested also on the older legacy version (which works even under linux+wine), but it doesnt list any more firmwares…

Any suggestions and help is apperciated.

The S2B module you are using has a limited flash. For that reason we had to break up the possible options into a total of 6 targets. That is to say, Coordinator AT/API, Router AT/API and End device AT/API.

On the S2C module, a larger processor was used which allowed us to place all of the above targets or firmware files into just the one. That is to say, the S2C has in its one firmware file the function of all six of the S2B modules.

To Establish a network, set one of the two modules as a Coordinator (S2B Load the Coordinator firmware, on the S2C, set CE to 1). Leave the other node as a router. Once the coordinator has started, the router will associate thus allowing for data flow between the two modules.

I’ve 2 of S2Cs + a S2

Mestari - S2C with Coordinator
Orja - S2C without Coordinator
Arduino - S2 with “Zigbee Router/End device AT” -profile

I’ve set the Mestari’s address bits as destination on Orja.
When i start typing to Orja - the text appears on Mestari’s console - yay.
So the traffic flows from Orja->Mestari OK

Now the arduino
Same setup as orja.
Data flow works - with profile “XB24-ZB -> Zigbee End Device (AT)” - yay :slight_smile:

Setting XMLs found in http://koti.mbnet.fi/hjylha/zigbee/

Data didnt flow from the Arduino C2 Xbee without the proper firmware… now that its sorted… they work ^^

Oh and thank you for the fast reply. :slight_smile:

Hi, I have two Xbee S2C and i can’t establish a network. I’m working with two arduino shields. Can you help me? Which parameters I have to change to make them work and to establish a network in AT mode? Thank you very much for your help.

You need to set the CE command on one of them to Coordinator. Then they should just associate. If the router does not, issue an ATNR0 on the router and that should take care of it…