What is product family (S2C) XB24C and can it talk to (S2) XB24-ZB?

I have been testing a mesh of XB24-Z7WIT-004 Xbees and they have been working well. This is a Series 2 (S2) Xbee. In XCTU, the product family is displayed as XB24-ZB

I bought what I thought was the SMT version of this XBee (XB24CZ7PIS-004), but the XCTU says the product family is “XB24C” and the only function set is “Zigbee” (as opposed to options such as “ZigBee Coordinator API” on the XB24-ZB).

The XCTU options have a flag for “CE - Coordinator Enable” which I have experimented with, and I have of course set the PAN ID to be the same, but the ZB24C module will not talk to my mesh (they cannot discover each other in XCTU).

Could I be doing something wrong or are these hardware/firmwares not compatible?

I’ve search what documents I can find but they don’t seem to explain the difference.

Any suggestions appreciated.

These modules should be able to communicate with each other, so long as they are all running compatible firmware (i.e. DigiMesh, ZB, etc…). Also, the following knowledge base might prove useful: http://www.digi.com/support/kbase/kbaseresultdetl?id=3220

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The S2C and S2B modules are both XBee products running a ZigBee stack and profile. So yes they are capable of communicating with each other.

The XBee S2B is the second generation of the XBee ZB or Zigbee PRO product. It is based off of an Ember EM250 chip with different firmware files for API and AT modes of a Coordinator, router or End device. It is a Through hole version meant to be connected via a Socket.

The S2C is a Surface mount version of the XBee ZB product based off of the larger EM357 processor. Instead of needing three firmware versions for each UART interface type (API vs AT), all are capable of being in one target.

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Thanks for your help. It took a couple of evenings messing with the settings but I now have them talking to each other… Not exactly sure what was wrong, but the things that helped were
Coordinator: DL = FFFF, CE = 1
Router: JV=1
Reset each 1 by 1… maybe they were not starting correctly