How to get a XB24-ZB to join a xb24-s2c network

I am currently developing a small project for my studies.

I have one XBee S2 (XB24-ZB) which will work as Router and one XBee S2C (xb24-s2c) which will work as coordinator both in API-Mode, but the coordinator cant find the router.

Is it even possible? Sry for my bad english, this isnt my native language.

S2 config:
S2C config:



What does the AI, CH, OP and OI report on both modules?

If they are not the same, issue an ATNR0 on your router.

Set JV to 1 on the router.

This solved it, the router was keeping the channel from a previous test… damn little XBees :wink: