Router unable to join to coordinator

I have two modules XBP24-BZ7UIT-004 (Xbee Pro S2B)

I configured it by X-CTU (both configuration files attached) as a coordinator and router but router unable to join coordinator

I’ve only started fairly recently using a Coordinator and Router AT so I can only comment that for S2B in my Pro files I have:
Coordinator: XBP24-ZB_21A0_S2B.mxi
Router: XBP24-ZB_22A0_S2B.mxi

You have:
Coordinator: XBP24-ZB_20A7_S2B.mxi
Router: XBP24-ZB_22A7_S2B.mxi

21A0 is the latest version of Coordinator firmware.
At one time I did have 22A7 for the Router but a Web “update” put it down to 22A0. The Digi support site would seem to support the conclusion that 22A0 is now the latest Router firmware and 22A7 has been withdrawn.

I tried also firmware version 2xA0 with the same result, no join [:(]

Yeah, A0 has some psychological commitment issues :wink: update your firmware, that will solve the joining issues.