troubleshooting failed association between xbee Pro S2B with Xbee S2

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I have set up the Xbee S2 as COORDINATOR AT and the Xbee Pro S2B as ROUTER AT using the same pan ID.

There is nothing I can seem to do to get them to associate.

Any suggestions for troubleshooting steps?

I’m not super familiar with that model of xbee (is that the 802.15.4 series? or the ZB series?)
But have you checked that the channels match (ATCH)
Or the A1 and A2 settings are set so that you can jump channels to associate?
What is the result of the Association Indication (ATAI)?
The return status of that could tell you what is keeping them from linking up?
Do you have at least one of them in the X-BIB dev board, or something that you can use the X-CTU software to talk to?


Thanks for your suggestions. I assumed they are both ZB series but it turns out the S2 module was running firmware for ZNet 2.5. I found the technote to upgrade to ZB firmware.

So here is the configuration that is currently working:

XBee S2 (XB24-Z7WIT-004) Firmware XB24-ZB running Coordinator AT v2047
ZS = 1
ID = 1234

XBee PRO S2B (XBP24BZ7WIT-004) Firmware XBP24BZ7 running Router AT v22A7
ZS = 1
ID = 1234

All other setting are default.

Thanks for your help!