xbee S2B pro won't communicate

I have a pair of xbee pro s2b set up with node ID = 2005
DH and DL addressed correspondingly
ZS=0, i also tried ZS=2 for both

the two modules just can’t seem to find each other, i use the adafruit xbee adapter as my breakout board and a usb to serial module using the prolific chipset.

any ideas?

oh and in the new xctu interface, a logo appears on the radio module connected e.g. letter C for coordinator, interestingly, the letter R for router only appeared once and I never had it to show up again.

Try issuing a Global network reset (ATNR1) on both the Coordinator and then the Router. Also make sure that you are not exceeding the 3.3V max voltage level on any of the radios pins.

thanks for the response! Before getting this, I keep trying to reprogram the Xbee, unfortunately, one of the Xbees keep encountering an error and I had to issue a reset everytime I reprogram. Fortunately though, I had it to working by doing the following.

First programming the coordinator, waited for the corresponding LED to blink.
Left it on, programmed the router, upon programming I assumed it immediately looked for a connection and so it did.

I still don’t know why sometimes, upon programming the xbee module as a router, the “R” logo on the new X-CTU UI did not appear, and when it does not appear, the two xbees don’t detect each other. Any ideas about that? it only happens with the router btw.

Try removing the router from the XCTU and then adding it back in. You should then see the value change.