XBee PRO S2B Communication with XCTU


I am new in RF systems and I have 2 XBee Pro S2B (XBP24BZ7 I think in XCTU). I want to communicate them in XCTU for first steps. I have 2 Sparkfun module for USB connection. I connect them to my PC and search COM ports for XBee Modules and XCTU finds both of them. I got a issue after that, firstly I only want to communicate them on console screen of XCTU. Things I have done so far are updating 2 modules to latest version and XCTU, making 1 of it to Coordinator AT and Router AT to other. After that I make PAN ID value 1234 to 2 of the modules and write it without any other change but no RX-TX data transfer in console. https://prntscr.com/q6b2ri there will be no visible “R” logo in the XCTU as I indicated in this photo and also even though I changed PAN ID of Router AT and write it, It didn’t change Operating ID and sets its always 0. Which other parameters I should change or what other configurating I should do?

I think my modules are working fine but I cannot find how to configure them and communicate them on the console for now. I will be very pleased if you help me to solve this problem. Thanks in advance.

What does the AI, CH and OP show on both modules? If they are not the same, enter command mode on your router and issue an ATNR0 to it. That should tell the module to reset and join the coordinator. Once the AI is 0 on both and the CH and OP are the same, set the modules DL and DH to match the SL and SH of the other. Then you can send your data.