How to add a S2C Programmable module to XCTU 6.3

I’m brand new to Xbee and purchased three S2C programmable module. I simply want to connect the S2C to XCTU to play with the basic settings, build a basic network to play with the coordinator, router, end-point roles. I can’t get the modules to talk with XCTU (v6.3 running on windows 10). I’m using an Xbee-USB adapter board, wired up my own reset button (doesn’t seem to fix the “Action Required” reset request), and updated my USB settings (“Optimizing USB to serial port settings”).
What am I missing to get XCTU to talk with my modules?

You need to write and upload the Transparent application or Boot-loader application to the module via the BDM programmer and FreeScale Code Warrior before XCTU or anything else can talk to it.

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