How to program a Programmable module using XCTU ?


I have some Programmable Xbee modules here and need to load my program into them, but I don’t have any development kit, debugger, nor anything like that.

I already compiled the project using Codewarrior. Is there any way to load my program (with the generated .bin file) to the programmable processor using an USB interface board and the XCTU?

Thank you.


Not sure if you have solved this youself, but here is the answer that I found.

I do not believe that this is possible with the latest version of XCTU as it does not seem possible to connect to the device and get into terminal mode.

You need to get the older V5.2.8 version of XCTU.

  1. Set the communications parameters up to connect to the right serial port.
  2. Select the terminal tab
    At the top check DTR and Break, but leave RTS unchecked
  3. Reset the Xbee module
  4. Uncheck Break
  5. Move cursor into terminal window and hit
  6. This should now display the bootloader menu
  7. Press ‘F’
  8. Terminal will start to display a sequence of ‘C’ characters
    9 Select Xmodem from the menu
  9. Select your .bin file and click send

Hope this helps


Does this work?

I delayed to test, but it worked.
Thank you!

Yes, it works!

Which XBee module are you working with? Can you provide the full part number?

I seem to get very unreliable uploads.
19/20 times I try to upload my code, the transfer “stalls” after a few “lines” of code had been uploaded

Is this method reliable? Do we have to go for a PE programmer?

This method failed for me.