Instructions for creating the binary and uploading to XBee via X-CTU

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for your response. I definitely have the programmable XBees. I bought them individually without the kit. I also have Code Warrior and the programmable XBee SDK installed.

Can you point me towards more detailed instructions on how to create the binary and transfer it to the XBee via X-CTU?

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Hello Karen,

It’s quite simple:
1.- Build your example (i.e.: blink_led)
2.- The binary you are looking for is In the project folder blink_led/Debug/blink_led.abs.bin
3.- Open X-CTU, configure your serial port to 115200 8-N-1.
4.- Enter into the bootloader. To learn how take a look to the Help Contents -> XBee Extensions User’s Guide -> 10. Tips & Tricks -> 10.1. Getting back into the bootloader. Or here (this link is for non-programmable XBees, but the handshake for the bootloader is the same).
5.- In the terminal view of XCTU, select XModem…. Select your file, leave the TX Data size to 64.
6.- Hit F in the Bootloader menu. When you see that the module answers with Cs, click on “Send” in the “XModem Transfer” dialog.
7.- You’ll see a lot of output, then the application will run.

There were some modules that were shipped with a locked bootloader (See Help Contents -> XBee Extensions User’s Guide -> 5. Flashing a debuggable bootloader. So it might not work at first (d’oh! :s). Then you would need an HCS08 flasher at least for the first time.
Take a look to this thread, I hope you can get your module running.

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Were you able to get it working?

Also interested if this works.

without debugger how can i upload or load code in Xbee?

I could upload the “serial-bypass” app using this steps but, after that, the configuration parameters of the XBee in XCTU restart their values every time I try to configure it. Is it normal?