Uploading code to the programable xbee


I am trying to figure out what are my programming options for the ZB module.

When the XBEE arrives from the factory, is the bootloader locked, thus preventing me to upload any code on the module?

Am I able to upload code developed with codewarrior using the XCTU utility and just a FTDI adapter ?
I tried the steps outlined here:


and here:


After a few attempts, I managed to upload the whole program ( without the transfer stalling ), but it did not seem to run my code.

Any help here would be appreciated.

No the bootloader is not locked. But you do need to follow the steps in the product manual or in the Software Development Kit in order to compile, upload and run the code properly.

Have you tried following any of the sample applications and steps provided in the sdk?

I got it working.
The initial issues were related to the fact that the module kept sleeping.

The timing between pressing upload and module sleeping is quite tight.

All the is left is figuring out how to debug stuff.
Where does stdout and stderr wind up ?
Is there a way to do serial console debugging ?