Programming Xbee with FTDI Cable - how to get CodeWarrior to talk to Xbee without adapter?

I am trying to program a programmable XBee through an FTDI cable. I am using CodeWarrior to program the XBee. I am following the wiring instructions in this post:

When I try to transfer my program to the XBee, the program looks for a PnE U-Multilink. It seems like I need drivers, or to set up a profile in CodeWarrior so that the program can talk through the FTDI.

Has anyone done this successfully?

Also, I don’t have to use CodeWarrior if there is a better programming interface for communicating directly with the XBee through the FTDI cable.


Hello super_girl,

Both CodeWarrior and its Programmable XBee SDK are available for download from
CodeWarrior is looking for the P&E multilink debugger that is included in the Programmable XBee kit among with the XBIB board.
The SDK is intended for Programmable XBees (not to be confused with XBee PRO). First step is to ensure that your device is a programmable one, if it is not, there is nothing you can do with CodeWarrior and that device.
If it is and you do not have a debugger, the binary generated with the SDK can be downloaded to the XBee through the serial port and X-CTU using XModem protocol and the Programmable XBee’s bootloader.
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