Development using codewarrior

I am not sure wich catagory to select.
I am using Digi XBee 868LP from a development kit,resently started.
Some of Your app seems to be working.
But now I intended to use the module stand-alone utility using codewarrior.
In the smart editor I can select some of the Xbee pin-out, but when I try to compile(debug??) I am left alone with some unfinished buisness.

I do not know about C as a target sourse, except for an old wireless module: G30 gsm/gprs running in Eclipse.

I am used to use Netbeans with wireless toolkit.
Here You are seldom left alone because of thesse try/catch is throwing some explanation about what went wrong.
I have also used Your XBee Java Library in order to evaluate, and it seems to work too.

So a java-platform in order to develop would be very appreciated.

Br Bo

The Code Warrior software is for the Programmable versions of the XBee modules. These are the versions of the module that come with a 2nd processor for you to write code to. It is not for the standard XBee module that items such as the Java scripts or XCTU talk directly with without using the “Programmable” option selected in XCTU.