build codewarrior

Hi everybody!

I’m trying to build a simple example project with CodeWarrior 10.2 for my S2C xBee(XB24CZ7PIS-004).
But instead of “build successfull” I got that :

HC08 Compiler: *** Error occurred while processing! ***
FATAL C50: Input file '-ObjN=Sources/pan/zigbee/zcl_identify_c.obj' not found
*** command line: '-ArgFileSources/pan/zigbee/zcl_identify.args "-ObjN=Sources/pan/zigbee/zcl_identify_c.obj" "C:/Program Files/Digi/PXBee/v1.5/pxbee_api/1.5.5/src/pan/zigbee/zcl_identify.c" "-Lm=Sources/pan/zigbee/zcl_identify_c.d" "-LmCfg=xilmou

And for many OBJ files…

Thanks for your help!

That is because the module you have is not a programmable module and is a standard XBee SMT ZB module.


Thanks for your answer, but I didn’t try to program the xBee module XB24CZ7PIS-004, which is not programmable indeed, but just to compile an example on CodeWarrior… So, you give me an information that I’m aware of since a few days(thanks, I already bought the programmable version) but my problem is not solved :confused:

So, what can I do ?