sample application cant compile


Ive just started with CodeWarrior to see what i can do with it. So i started the starting guide in CodeWarrior and the first “Bootloader” project compiles completely fine. When i started to compile a sample application it always fails in (projectroot)/source/cpu/char_lcd … DS18B20_1_wire or in another folder. (always something in the main(maybe something is undeclared)))
i did nothing with the code! how can this be?

the code should be completely fine. could it be that i linked od included something wrong? could it be, i need the 128k memory module?

EDIT: Something with include files i guess. Could it be that i must change something in properties–>>–>> path and symbols/C-Source file ?


What is the exact steps you are taking to reproduce this issue and what modules do you have?

i delete and reinstall everything so i can follow the exact steps of the guide.
i do not have xbees jet. but i always select the stm version 32 k

Everything works just fine! I should have beeen my fault!

nevertheless i wonder why there are now no folders in (projectroot)/source/cpu/ because there have been some and caused errors. now there are just c-files