XBee 868LP - Example code

I’m trying to work with a XBee 868LP.

I’ve downloaded CodeWarrior and I can correctly program the mc9S08QE32.

I’m trying to send AT command to the xbee module but I don’t see anything! :frowning:

Is possible to download an example codewarrior project for this module, so I can start from a working project?

Please help.

Thank you

There is an example called "XBee AT Interactive and XBee Set and Get Radio AT parameters within the FreeScale SDK. This should provide you with the information you are looking for.

Hi mvut,
sorry but I can’t find it. May you show me where to find it?
Or (if possible) where to directly download it?

Thank you in advance.


In the most recent version of the Code Warrior and XBee SDK (V1.5.5), I got to it by clicking on Project, Sample XBee Project, Selecting the 868LP. It was the last example in the list.

Hi Mvut,
I’ve downloaded the last version and I’ve got the right example.

Thank you.

Hi guys, alternatives for anyone not using CedeWarrior (I’ll use PIC)?

I’ve bought a couple of demo boards to test 868LP.
I followed examples on Digi website to got modules work in transparent mode (I set ID, DH, DL, NI as said and it works).

Now I’m waiting for third board: I need a little star network (1 main device receiving data from several remote nodes), how should I set system? Is there any example I missed on documentation?