without debugger how can i upload or load code in programmable Xbee module?

I don’t know of any other way except with the debugger. You can purchase it by getting the dev kit. See http://www.digi.com/products/model?mid=3583.

Sir, Thank you so much for give me reply.
I am a student and I am work on Xbee module. I have use code-warrior for programming Xbee module. I have use some sample code for programmable Xbee but I have an issue about load code in programming Xbee module. I can not properly understand the problem. I have not debugger this is only reason that I have face that problem.
Sir, please can you give proper steps with some explanation about upload or load code in programmable Xbee module?

A debugger is not necessary to program the programmable XBee modules. The bootloader (even the secure bootloader that is installed by default) allows firmware to be burned to the Freescale microprocessor. A new programmable XBee module will already be in the bootloader when it powers on. Connect to the UART (a USB adapter or XBIB works well) and press the Enter key (sends 0x0D) to see the bootloader menu. Option ‘F’ allows you to flash new firmware using Xmodem-CRC. The “legacy” X-CTU does this easily for you. The new “next-gen” one doesn’t have that feature. The file you want to load is the .abs.bin file from the Debug or Release folder in your Codewarrior project folder.

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I need assistance in downloading a revised project abs file (NOT THE FIRMWARE) to the programmable XBee Pro 900HP 200K without using the debugger.
What steps are needed for the XCTU 6.1.2 on Windows 7 to remotely update the complied abs file on the XBee module. I can get the XBee to connect, but I need step-by-step procedure for remotely updating the compiled abs file.

Worked for me also by uploading the .s19 record file

The debugger is available without having to buy the whole Dev kit, as it is merely a “PE micro usb multilink”. You can find them on eBay.