usbdm debugger

Hello, I own a usbdm debugger and an xbee s8 programmable module. I want to use the usbdm debugger to flash my code to the module. I’m trying to use the hcs08 programmer tool I downloaded from sourceforge. My problem is that using this tool I think that the bootloader is also erased and the module is not working properly. Any ideas in order to use usbdm debugger properly?

You need to download the Code Warrior software and related SDK form Digi’s Web site. You also need to use one of the interface boards that come in Digi’s Programmable development kits.

I have downloaded codewarrior and I own Digi’s Programmable boards (XBIB boards). What I need to do is to find a way to load my application to the programmable module using only the binary file and a device connected to the board’s 6-pin header (I know there is a way to do this via serial connection and XMODEM but I need to do this with a debugger connected on the 6-pin header).

To do it with the BDM programmer, you are going to need to import the application first into Code warrior.