Can I program XBee-Pro 900HP with OpenSource BDM?

I have the XKB9-DMT-UHP kit, and want to explore CodeWarrior to program the XBee modules. Is there a way to do that without buying additional HW? Can I just buy a XBIB interface board and use open source BDM or do I also need to buy the P&E debugger part#76002055 that cost $300+??


XKB9-DMT-UHP kit contains just standard modules. User only have ability to configure certain parameters of module with help of XCTU.

If you had programmable modules, then its possible to load application on module’s MCU using XMODEM tool (available in legacy XCTU). You will only require XBIB board and no need to purchase P&E debugger.

Don’t understand that you say that XKB9-DMT-UHP kit only have configurable modules? The kit contains 3x XBP9B-DMWT-002 modules that have 32Kb Flash and 2 Kb RAM, isn’t that the proof that they are programmable?

You say that I can load the application to XBee using legacy XCTU, if XBee module is placed on a XBIB board. Can you elaborate a bit more? I am developing the program in CodeWarrior.How do I connect my PC to the XBIB board? Can I load the program with the latest XCTU 6.3.2?

I think details on digikey are false. Correct part number of programmable module will be XBP9B-DMWTB002. Check part number description on Digi’s own website here: