Is BDM directly accessble without an SDK?

Can you access the BDM port of an XBee Programmable directly (wthout having the full sdk)?

Hi Chris,

I am not sure if I understand your question. The Programmable XBee SDK includes a P&E Debugger and the SDK uses it by default. However, the microcontrollercan be flashed with any tool that support FS HCS08 and even CodeWarrior can be configured to use other debugger at the “Debug Configuration”. The exact chip is Freescale MC9S08QE32, please refer to the XBee Datasheet for details on model.

Also, user applications can be flashed without a debugger through XMODEM. Refer to 9.6. Flashing a programmable XBee application via XModem in the XBee Extensions User’s Guide in Help Contents.




I meant that I don’t actually have the SDK, I just have the software tools I was able to download (code warrior and xbee sdk software framework) and a BDM adapter.

I think I figured out the answer, though … it looks like on the XBee Programmable S2C that the BDM pin is right on the external connector, pin 8.


Hello again,

You can find here the schematics of the XBIB boards in section Support Documentation:

By the way, which BDM are you using?



it’s a really cheap one, … $40. Hopefully it works! It should arrive this week. (it claims to support the Code Warrior / eclipse version 10.x and up).

Uhm… I tried with USBDM before, had some problems when flashing because it erased the bootloader and Virtual EEPROM. I don’t know if now they support selective erasing (hope they do!). Let me know if you get it working!



Oh boy, thanks for the warning. Anything else?

You can build your own bootloader, so I would imagine you could reflash the entire thing if you could assemble your application plus the bootloader into a single image, yes?

The other thing that comes to mind is can you leave the bootloader locked/write protected …

I will check into this when it arrives.

Yes, I guess it could be done (but don’t know exactly how…) to merge bootloader and application into a single file… or once the application is debugged, flash the bootloader and upload the image via XMODEM (works well, but it’s quite slow…)

Hello Chris,

Did you get this BDM working?

Not yet; I just received it. It look promising, though; the latest software that goes with it has a checkbox called ‘selective erase’ that seems like it would be the ticket for leaving the bootloader in tact. It does not appear to be very configurable, though; I haven’t found any way to enter, for example, a memory map (like you can do with the Freescale USB TAP tools).

The built-in bootloader is pretty good, though… so I decided to wait to blow up my xbee pro until I get a couple more units :smiley: