Help Choosing an XBee Shield to be Used With Arduino


I am very new to using XBee’s. I am using two XBee Pro 900 S3B models. I was using the SparkFun USB Explorer Dongle, but soon discovered after some problems I ran into and an internet search, that the S3B models aren’t 100% compatible with the Explorer USB. I read something about removing a limiting resistor connected to the RSSI pin, but I don’t want to alter the dongles, since I am borrowing them from someone else. Hence I am using Arduino’s to interface with XCTU. My question to you is:

Which “shield” is best for interfacing with Arduino from this specific model of XBee?

If it helps, I’m not trying to do any fancy networking. My project just involves analyzing transmitted signals for pattern recognition purposes, so I only need a two-device network.

Any of the Arduino shields should allow you to connect the 900 HP XBee to an Arduino.

For communicating the XBee with the PC, I would suggest an XBIB-U-DEV