Hi, I can't update the XBee-PRO XSC S3B firmware, could someone tell me what firmware should I download? thanks.

The current firmware for the XSC would be 3x14.

Thanks for the help,
When XCTU finishes reading the xbe configuration, it shows the following error: The firmware version of the radio module changed. Do you want to load the new firmware of the device?
Then I got a sales error that I haven’t found the right firmware version and it asks me if I want to look for it, doing so and trying to load the firmware I get the following error:

The selected firmware is not compatible with the radio module.

The firmware used is:
product family: xbp9b-xc
function set: xbee-pro xsc (s3b) 9600
Firmware version: 3014 (newer)

In the xctu screen, in the module data, it appears: firmware version 3014 but all the configuration fields appear red.

If I try to record any configuration such as the destination adress, xctu suggests that I update the firmware.
Do you know what it can be? thank you very much.

What is this radio mounted on?

in a sparkfun xbee explorer connected with usb cable

The Spark Fun Explorer board does not work with the XSC products without modifications to the board. This could be why you are having issues.

Thanks to your comment, I searched the internet and read that to use this xbee model, the rssi led must be removed. Everything is fine, it works without problem in xctu.
thank you very much!!!