Have to reflash S3B firmware every time before connecting to xctu

Every time I unplug and replug the module into the computer and try to configure it via XCTU, I get module not found message and have to use the recovery tool to reflash the firmware to XSC function, then back to 10K/200K which I actually want to use. Tried using 2 sets of 3 different USB-to-serial adapter/programmers on different USB ports on 2 computers and 3 OS-es without success.
This only happens if the modules are in XBP9B-DP 10K or XBP9P-DM 200K mode. The XBP9B-XC works perfectly fine every time.

Detailed: 2x(1 CH340G-based boards, 2 CP2102-based boards), Different usb ports, 2 laptops running Windows 10 with one running MacOS Monterey.

Try using a Digi Certified interface board such as an XBIB-U-DEV.