XBee WiFi VCC capacitor

Back when I first started trying to develop some embedded applications with the XBee WiFi modules I was told by support to use ~500uF electrolytic on the VCC pin for the WiFi modules.

I have a board that I mount the modules on now that incorporates a 470uF capacitor. The module works intermittently but notice that I will periodically lose comms between the WiFi Xbee UART and the micro. Only way to cure it is to unplug power from the module for 30 seconds or so and then reapply power.

I now see that the datasheet shows that a 1uF and 8.2pF capacitor are called for. Was this a change in a recent hardware upgrade?

Should I remove the 470uF and incorporate the new capacitor requirements?

I’m using the S6B WiFi.

Even though it wasn’t required, for lack of wanting to create a different board, I use the same one for the 900HP units and do not have the same issue there.

If it was me, I would add the 1uF and 8.2pF Caps to the line as the WIFI module draws more current than the 900 HP or other XBee products do.