Can Xbee Pro Series 1 communicate with Xbee wifi module

I have an arduino board out in a field which needs about 800ft range to somehow push data to the cloud (and eventually send data from cloud to arduino) I understand the Xbee Tech can do long range communication. Can I have an Xbee Pro S1 out in the field and have it talk to an Xbee Wifi Module in or near my house which will then connect to the internet “cloud” to upload data to my server? How do I get data from an arduino 800ft from a hotspot onto my server? What is the best configuration I guess is my question?

I am also experimenting with stand FM radio transceivers on the 433MGz band which are relatively cheap in comparision. What is the advantage of xBee over standard FM radio comm?


i think Xbee Pro Series 1 doesn’t communicate with Xbee wifi module

because both have the different controller version