Which Xbee(s) to get for this project?


I am new to Xbee and was hoping that it can be used to solve a problem that my team and I have.

We need to connect a device computer to a wifi network(wifi hotspot) which is 2500 feet away in a city setting. So that the computer has internet access.

Would we be able to take that Wifi signal and connect to it with a few xbees? Some sort of TCPIP mesh (2-way)?

If yes, which Xbees would I need and are they standalone - Or need to be combined with an Arduino ir similar?

It does not have to even be very fast. Just need to run an app that connects to a website and writes to a db.

What we need:

  • Low cost
  • low power (possible cellular/battery combo)
  • error free (as much as possible)

Thanks, Have a great day!

Am I on the wrong track?

Are you putting a custom micro at the remote site? So do you control all the traffic? I certainly wouldn’t suggest trying to ‘bridge’ 2 Ethernets via an Xbee.

Most WiFi tends to assume a max range of 300ft/95m, so I think you’ll have trouble with 2500 feet. You could put a special directional antenna on your device and perhaps punch the signal back to your access point, but if your access point has a normal antenna, 2-way comm will be difficult unless your are an RF expert & have waveform test equipment.

There are dedicated ‘WiFi extenders’ which can go miles, and they tend to use a pair of boxes with directional antenna.

You may be better to use a longer-range Xbee and a Digi gateway (like ConnectPort X2/X4) local, so your Xbee sends data the 2500 feet to the gateway (or a PC with Xbee) and they update your internet web site from that gateway device.

Still, even 2500 feet is a long way!