Transmitting Data from Xbee Wifi to Smartphones Simultaneously

Hi. I am new to this forum! I have an Xbee Wifi (S6B)connected to the Arduino. The Arduino will send the data to xbee wifi and the smartphone will receive the data coming from the Xbee. I was able to transmit the data to smartphone by configuring my xbee wifi and connecting it to the existing network. However, its just a point to point connection. By configuring the Xbee wifi into API mode,I was able to connect the xbee to 2 smartphones but I can’t able to receive the data. What I want to achieve is the point to multipoint transmission wherein the Xbee Wifi can send the data to two or more smartphones simultaneously. Any help please! Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

You would need to connect all three devices via a wifi router. Then you can use the broadcast address of As long as your other devices on the network are listening to the correct ports you are sending the data on, you should receive it.

Thank you for answering my question. But i already configured the destination address of xbee as a broadcast address ( and tried to connect my 2 smartphones via a wifi router.And it connected successfully but the problem is both the smartphones didnt receive any data.

Where you listing on the port listed in the DE command?

yes…i set port 9750 in the two smartphones because it is the DE of the configured xbee wifi. But still both smartphones cant able to receive the data coming from the arduino. But if i only connect 1 smartphone,I can able to receive the data.

You said that you are doing this from an Arduino, are you using the Arduino lib files for the XBee as well or are you just feeding transparent data to the COM port the xbee is connected to?

These are the headers that i used in the arduino:


#define SSID “wisure”
#define PASSPHRASE “ArtJoy17”
#define action1
SoftwareSerial XBee(2,3);

That is not telling it to listen on the correct port numbers. I am referring to the WIFI port addresses.

Do i need to add library in my arduino for the xbee wifi?

I think you need to do some reading on TCP, UDP, ports and sockets first.