Xbee Series1 Point to Multipoint COnnection


I am still figuring out how to accomplish that, unfortunately not many use more than 2 Xbees so I will try getting some answers here :wink:
My project:

XBEE1: Should be the Coordinator. It is connected to a Arduino MEGA with an Etherner Board. This is also communication to my iPhone (TouchOSC) via Z_osc library. From here I will send and receive information to/from either one of the other two Xbees.

XBEE2: Should be an Enddevice. Its connected to an Ardunino Nano that controls an LED light. It should only communicate to XBEE1 by sending e.g. LED temperature or receive information like blue LIght on and Red light off.

The communication so far between both XBEES is working prette well.
One question though: I am communication with Baudrate 19200. Can I use BR 57600? It is a Mega 2560 and a Nano V3 with Atmgea 328.
I tried this a long time ago but somehow did not work. (well at this time I was using processing instead of Arduino Mega).

Anyways, back to topic:
Both Xbees are using standard setting, only PAN Id has been changed.
I checked with XCTU but for my Series1 Xbee there is no XB24-B available where I can setup coordinator or enddevice default settings.

So now that I connected a third XBEE with change PAN and everything else on default, I still only am able to communicate between XBEE 1 and 2:
XBEE3: also connected to an Arduino Nano V3. It will do other stuff like switching relays, mesuearing water temperature, or controlling some servo motors. ALl this should be send to or received by XBEE1.

Since all three arduinos are positioned further away from eachother using each with a single XBEE is the only way to communicate.
However, the send signal from XBEE3 is not received by XBEE1.

So my main question is: Do I need to change anything besides the PAN Id? Like giving each a single MY ID adress?
ALso, in arduino code, do I need to tell XBEE 1 when to receive from or send to XBEE2 or XBEE3? Currently, I am just parsing the serial information and each arduino will know when the information is for it.
(e.g. XBEE1 sends three serial informations:
The first number will only be translated on XBEE2 (if serial.read=0 then do anything with 2 and 255) … On XBEE3 there is no code if serial.read=0 so it would not react. Instead there is some if serial.read=1 to check.
But is there also some XBEE specific stuff I need to check/send?

Hope that anyone will be able to help me out here.

Thx a lot

Xbee S1 modules works on 802.15.4 standard and don’t think you can talk to them using any mobile phone.